Providing full spectrum solutions in the areas of Fire Safety, Fire Prevention, Fire and Fire Suppression Detection. Our Company fire solutions canvas is complex and now extremely evolved from a threat and engineering delivery point of view. The AS-Tech Industrial Project technology at a base level involves a safety strategy, devices & technology, fire and smoke safeguards, evacuation facilitation and building resilience into post threat scenarios. The adherence to fire and building norms is the first and basic pre-requisite of our solutions.

Our Intelligent Addressable Systems offer benefits in terms of speed of detection, identification of the location of fire and easier maintenance. Company’s Intelligent systems also offer tolerance to faults in the system wiring, which allows a single pair of wires to be used to connect up to 200 devices to the systems, allowing too cost savings in the wiring of large systems.

We provides Conventional Fire Alarm System provides the earliest practicable fire detection and warning. This fire system consists of smoke or heat detectors at designated locations, to detect smoke or heat at the earliest during any outbreak of fire

Our rich experience, Is our Strength

AS-Tech Industrial Project team is highly trained in the complexities of installing Fire Protection systems in Commercial and Industrial buildings. A clear fire safety strategy is necessary due to the number of potential occupants in all Commercial and Industrial buildings, as well as the potential loss due to business down time. We have vast knowledge of fire behavior in Commercial and Industrial buildings and can provide comprehensive fire safety design and advice to the required safety standards

We have high experience and knowledge to correctly install any type of Fire Protection System required. The quality of our work and the knowledge & experience of our expert team gives us the ability to meet any construction or schedule requests. We can provides Design/Build services to meet any project requirement for the customer.

We are dedicated in building more than trust

Our guidance must be thoughtful, informed and creative if we are to deserve our clients confidence. AS-Tech Industrial Project don’t just provide long-term planning; we foster a long-term relationship that is close and confidential.

Before we make even a very simple recommendation, we get to know you. We wanna understand you. We also want our clients to know us and to endorse our risk controlled approach to planning and investment management.